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If You Are A Business Owners. Are You Living Your Dream?

Best dreams happen

Many successful people will say that life has been a “Fairy tale” and that they are “living the dream”.

The unsuccessful people will question, “What happened to my fairy tale?” and “why am I not living the dream when it looks like so many others are?”

Are these people doing the same thing to reach the fairy tale?

The unsuccessful people will say yes, “but it hasn’t happened yet”, so they must be doing something different.

If we are finding it hard to change our mindset, are we holding onto an old story we told ourselves when we were young? Are you thinking about all the very specific details of the story, what we were going to be when we grew up? (I must admit I was going to be a stuntman hmm)

We created this story when we were young and had no experience, look at you now, really look, are you the same NO!! So the details of your story will have to change too. That doesn’t mean the intent changes; it’s still the same. Reaching that place you imagined and dreamed of when you were young, that special happy place, where you were a success and everything worked out for you.

Your business fairytale

It might have been that a rich businessperson or an investor was going to approach you to compliment you and say “Hey, that business idea of yours is amazing” and they will give you all this money make the business happen. Let's think about it, when you thought of those specific details that could have been how business happened then, but the world has changed and guess what… You Didn’t. The rich businessperson didn’t approached you and you kept on waiting, letting life pass you by…

Or it could have been you start your first business, you have been thinking an amazing idea all your life and you know everybody will want this. You start the business and guess what you were a little off and the first idea didn’t work out the way you pictured it. What was really happening was this was the starting point for you to understand how to better put a successful business together instead of being the ultimate idea first up.

In both these cases your intent was in the right direction, but you focused on the details in the story that should have happened, specifically in your fairytale.

Do you think Steve Jobs fairy tale had him getting kicked out of his business, only to come back and conquer the world with Apple and the iPhone? No, I don’t think so, but he adjusted and changed and we know the rest of the story.


Could this be your limiting belief that’s preventing you from living the dream?

The belief that you have to have your fairytale exactly how you want it to be and you saying “I ain’t changing for nobody.”

Ok, how is that working out for you???

Could this be your limiting belief that’s preventing you from living the dream?

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    First step is to ask the question, do I have a rigid frame of reference of what living the dream and being successful looks like to me?
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    Next is discover the intent of the success and dream you want?

Example; Are you looking for freedom and you are trying to do that by working as little as you can. Does freedom mean less work or does it mean working on your own time. From wherever you want?

Another Example; Are you trying to help people in your business? But the people don’t want to be helped in the specific way you are trying to help them. If you adjusted a little and changed your approach they would flock to your door to be helped?

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    The last thing to do is to keep yourself in check so your dreams don’t become a fairy tale again. Ensure they turn into you living the life you want!!