When is a change not a change? - Focus Your Thinking

When is a change not a change?


Hold on a second I changed so, then I am changed right…

Depending on your definition.

The current status of learning in business and the technology we use, there is an over abundance of information available. We can do a Google search and find anything we want about any subject.

If you advocate that learning is reading the wealth of information available, then I would question if learning in turn leads to change.

So lets go to the dictionary for a definition of change.


Verb -Make or become different

Noun – The act or instance of making or becoming different

I would suggest that making a change is the act of doing something. Sadly, people have got into habits of reading and then that means change has happened.

Reading is one of the steps that provide great insights and sometimes revelations to make the change that is required. Actually changing is when behaviour has changed.

Has it ever occurred to you with a new perspective on making change now being the act of new or modified behaviour, then change is a process we go through to modify behaviour.

Just image the frustration of a person who thinks they are making many changes in their life and are still not succeeding because of this misinterpretation. They are told to change certain aspects of your life and you will succeed. They interpret that to mean reading and realising what needs to change as being the change and get frustrated when nothing happens.

Now imagine the person who is making the essential behavioural adjustments to their habits and routines. The change is permanent because the old habits and routines have changed and there is no need to be frustrated.

When is a change not a change?

When there is no act of changing the habit or routine.

How can you create a new habit or routine that incorporates insight and realisation to taking action?

Identify the old way you have done this and plan out the change in the steps of that routine and change the behaviour.

Until you have changed behaviour the change has not taken place.

In a six months time when you’re looking back at this new perspective on change that you have and will realise that you are now already in the habit of identifying insights and realisations that naturally become changes in the routines that you do, which has lead to you making many breakthroughs in your business.

Now make more changes…