You know what your client needs? - Focus Your Thinking

You know what your client needs?


You’re an expert or a professional person in a very unique field.

You are the person in your field that knows what your client needs to get them to have the success that they are searching for?

That sounds great, the conundrum comes in the form of good if you know they need it.

How do they know they need it?

Wouldn’t your potential client has already changed and be doing the exact thing you know they need if that was the case?

So what to do…

Here comes the change in thinking to get your clients and potential clients to get the success you want for them. You have to give them what they WANT, yes to fully understand what they want and communicate with what you know they need.

Your head may be spinning a little from that last statement so go read it again.

They will only see, hear and feel what they want from you if it is communicated from their perspective.

Put a little more simply the clients NEED is a practical decision.

The WANT is totally irrational and emotional in context. You need to find the emotional triggers that will make them want the practical and rational product or service you have for them.

This is not an easy thing to do and completely worth the mind twist to understand.

Start the steps to be able to communicate everything  to your clients this way and they will have more clarity what you deliver value to them.