"Do You Believe You Can Change?" - Focus Your Thinking

“Do You Believe You Can Change?”


All Change happens Subconsciously not Consciously!!

"I believe I can change" is something I hear from clients all of the time. However, you need more than belief to change. 

I personally have believed that I could always change for a long time. When I was very young I believed I could change anything in my world, Bam it was changed, then the next thing Bam again it changed

I have made changes to many things and succeeded in many ways.

One thing I have discovered is that not all things I had set out to change have changed.

This started me thinking and asked the question “Why Not?”

Why if I can set out the logical changes and the logical sequences, then the change should happen RIGHT!!

I found out the hard way…

Repeating this statement for effect. "All change happens Subconsciously not Consciously!!"

What does that mean?

I am consciously making the decision to change aren’t I, come on when I was setting out the changes to happen and I made them happen it all went swimmingly well.

Now what about those changes that didn’t happen, I must have not wanted them? I can keep telling myself that, but there was resistance to those changes and the resistance weren’t even in my consciousness, so there must have been something else going on.


As humans, we want to reach a level of stability or homeostasis because this is where our brains can relax and not have thinking about it consume too much energy. And that is the ultimate goal as humans going back to the tribal times, is to survive, fight or flight, once it reaches this goal of being out of survival mode it switches to NO DON’T MAKE CHANGE.

Let's think about that for a moment…

Think back to the things you were able to change and were they things that you were fighting for survival? And they happened right and the ones that didn’t work maybe and a big maybe, they were nice to have’s, so they fell outside the survival.

Do you think that the brain is strong enough to evoke all the other emotions and resistance to stop the nice to have because that might put you back into the survival mode and guess what that this not the place your brain wants to be.

Now you are starting to get the picture.

Ok, now what is the difference between making a subconscious change and a conscious change?

Well, I think we all know what Conscious change is? Logically going through the steps and logically making the change, because yes, that is what should happen.

Subconscious change is looking for emotional and inherent motivation triggers that will make the change happen at the habit level and happen automatically. Like your breathing air into your lungs now, but have you had to consciously think about it to keep happening?

Now you are probably thinking this subconscious mumbo jumbo is all hard, why can't I just make a change in myself. Right there, that is your resistance kicking in to stop you.
You need to be strategic...

You can be Consciously Strategic about the change

That is one step ahead of your brain, which is trying to stop you from putting the change in place. It’s like a game of chess.

Your brain will know if you are making a move and be ahead of you if the change is nothing to do with your survival. It's going to want things to stay the same and you want to be changed to become this Ultra Successful Business Owner and its going to be thinking that you are in a better place, don’t upset the apple cart, DON’T MAKE CHANGE.
If you think you can outdo it consciously, then look at your history and the answer is there.
If you want to do something new, lower and eliminate the resistance, be strategic about your change.


  • 1
    Figure out your frustrations, as this is your brains resistance to change.
  • 2
    Know your Motivational Strategy
  • 3
    Figure out what drives you in regards to your Motivational Strategy. Example Achievement towards people need to understand the bigger picture of any change, so they can get excited about why they would change. Then they will put aside all other things to make change happen. Another example is Achievement Away they are motivated by statements, "it can't be done",  they will go out of their way to prove it can be done. Discover your trigger and start strategising.
  • 4
    Realising that if you have tried to change and it didn’t happen, then there was something subconscious happening to stop the change from happening. Motivational Strategy.