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It’s not you Personally! It’s Your Business Strategy

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“Its not you, its me!”

If you have been blaming yourself personally for all the times that you failed at something, or didn’t achieve the goal that you wanted for your business strategy.

"It was not you it was the personal or business strategy that you are using!!"

If we have not done anything before in our business then how do we expect to be an expert the first time we do it? We can’t possibly be!!!

I watched the movie About Time last night and not to spoil the movie, but this guy has the ability to go back and time to correct his mistakes time travel, those mistakes can be 5 minutes ago or years ago. He finds that changing history is great, but then realises that living a life with the mistakes and being comfortable with those mistakes makes him even  happier.

In my view of the world most of the action that we take has a strategy and that strategy can be a good and effective one or it can suck.

If you have done your homework and looked into the strategy that you are using and it doesn’t work out then why blame yourself personally?

You now know that the strategy that you used doesn’t work for you, so you can move onto a better strategy that will work for you.

It isn’t saying, well because this specific strategy doesn’t work for me, I must be useless in such and such you go ahead and add the field of expertise and we do it all the time, we say;

I suck at “Making Money”

I suck at “Starting a Business”

I suck at “Running Business”

I even suck at “Communicating with People”

These sound familiar?

Now of course every person who has ever been in business is successful the first time they try something new and they don’t struggle to understand what is the best way to do that particular skill, because they get it right the first time every time.

We celebrate people’s successes and focus on them instead of recognising that they too struggled at the start in some way to find the right strategy to make it look easy. Then, as soon as they are successful the good old “curse of knowledge” cuts in and they think that everybody else has that same knowledge as them and can’t understand why they don’t get it. They don’t talk about the struggles; they only talk about how easy it was.

So that’s great, “it’s not me, it’s the business strategy”, but how does that help me?

Everything that is happening to you is your perception, if you are constantly blaming yourself for stuffing up when you try a new way of doing something, then you will take a substantial amount of time berating yourself instead of where you would be best to spend your time, which is finding the best strategy for you to use to advance you in your business.

Road forward

Two ways to view it;

  • 1
    I just tried to do something in my business and I sucked at it, so I must not be good at that at all, so I will never ever try that again because I will never be good at that.
  • 2
     I just tried to do something in my business and it didn’t work effectively so is there a better way of doing that, there must better way that will move me forward in that part of my business?

Now can you see if you take the first way, then business will be a struggle? The second way from my observation is the method that most successful business people take towards their success.

I like to look at it this way:

Every time I am doing something new in my business I am trying out a strategy, if the strategy worked then it becomes part of who I am. If the strategy didn’t work, then it was the strategies, fault, not me personally. That strategy sucked and I won't use it again.

You have a choice how will you approach new ways of doing things in your business?