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Strategy to STOP your dumb mistakes


You're not as dumb as you think...

You keep telling yourself, if I make a mistake I must be dumb.

The first thing to do is distinguish between what is a DUMB MISTAKE and what is a natural thing that would have been a mistake anyway.

Dumb Mistakes

  • Repeatedly doing the same thing.
  • Not learning the lesson of the Mistake.
  • Blindly following what other people are doing.

Dumb Mistakes

It's very easy to be aware if you are making dumb mistakes Stop making the dumb mistakes and let's move on to making better decisions quicker faster with this knowledge in hand.

Remember, it is not dumb to make a mistake. If you have not made a certain decision before how do you know if it will work out or if it can work out.

Most of the time you are not looking at the right context for your decision making.

Walt Disney say is the best


What Do You Value?

You need to discover your real values, referred to the best way as Your Core Values.

What I have found is that to discover your Core Values, you need to "Know What You Want?

What Do You Want?

  • Be specific and tangible
  • Stated in the positive
  • You have to be able to control the outcome
Be Specific

Doesn't matter how many times I ask business owners what they want, they struggle to be specific enough to lead to being able to get anything in their business. You spend a large portion of your time doing stuff in your business only to realise that doing will not get you want you want.

Be specific and spending time on changing your mindset. This is the foundation for change to a better path and strategy. It needs to be towards being specific all the time when it comes to doing any work in or on your business. If you are about to do something and you don't know why besides it needs to be done. You are caught in the trap of about to make a dumb mistake.

The strategy is having a strategy. STOP, that's right STOP NOW.

What is your strategy for what you are doing now?

Strategy is NOT HARD. It is HARD to CHANGE the way you do thinks so AUTOMATICALLY.

It takes practice until you have made a change.

Decide Now What You Want?

Make the decision

Follow the formula above...

Start a Daily Focus of changing how you approach your business.

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