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Are You Making Decisions In The Moment?


Are You Making Decisions In The Moment?

You may be making the most rational decision in that moment, it is still only in that moment and not thinking about the consequences in the future.

Jerry Seinfield puts some very good humor around this by calling this guy “Night Guy”. The Night guy stays up late, not thinking of the consequences, because that is for “Morning Guy” to worry about.

I have put a link below for you to watch the whole skit, very funny.

Still leaves us with the person that is making the decision in the moment is leaving it for the person in the future to live with those consequences. Once you arrive there, no one wants to take blame.

It’s ok to make decisions in the moment, you just need to do a little thinking of consequences in that moment while you are making those decisions so “Future Guy” is going to feel ok with “In The Moment Guy”.

At the end of the day we are all working together, it’s getting past urges and bias for Instant Gratification that is the real enemy here.

You need to take some time to help yourself by creating a way to see into the future.

Jerry Seinfield on Letterman