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How can I improve my business

How can I improve my business?

Can You Improve Your Business?When we are a business owner the question we should ask ourselves is “how can I improve my business” and then understand whether we have the ability to pick things up quickly or we need more time to learn the skills than most.We have this inborn desire in us to want […]

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Why do You have a Scarcity Mindset?

Abundance versus ScarcityIt is vital in business to understand if You have a Scarcity Mindset?If you think this way about your business. When it comes to abundance Vs scarcity, are  you always focused on scarcity? If Your business is set up to think this way as a default Scarcity instead of Abundance. That will have to […]

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“Do You Believe You Can Change?”

All Change happens Subconsciously not Consciously!!”I believe I can change” is something I hear from clients all of the time. However, you need more than belief to change.  I personally have believed that I could always change for a long time. When I was very young I believed I could change anything in my world, Bam […]

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When is a change not a change?

Hold on a second I changed so, then I am changed right…Depending on your definition. The current status of learning in business and the technology we use, there is an over abundance of information available. We can do a Google search and find anything we want about any subject. If you advocate that learning is reading the […]

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be bold

Be bold to get what you want

Yes, it can be as simple as one seemingly small thing that is standing in the way of you taking your business to the next level.The hardest thing is identifying what that one thing is?You can be running around in circles to get there and that is very frustrating. A great indicator of what is […]

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Planning vs Reacting

What are the things that you are reacting to during the day versus the planned things?If are not getting to your planned actives and always doing the reactive thing then that is what you are finding important and making a plan for them then you won’t be so frustrated and reacting because the important things […]

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