Why do You have a Scarcity Mindset? - Focus Your Thinking

Why do You have a Scarcity Mindset?


Abundance versus Scarcity

It is vital in business to understand if You have a Scarcity Mindset?

If you think this way about your business. When it comes to abundance Vs scarcity, are  you always focused on scarcity?

If Your business is set up to think this way as a default Scarcity instead of Abundance. That will have to change for you to turn around the growth!!

Scarcity Mindset is used by business owners as a driver to have more. It can be effective to get to a certain level than it loses its effectiveness.

Business owners that use Scarcity, think that I need to hold onto what I have got so I don’t lose it, and more so don’t change anything, that will risk what I have already built. “Don’t change what isn’t broken” as the saying goes.

Now Abundance is being willing to risk what you have and push the limits of something that is already successful, to get even more out of your business, more growth, more success.

Based on this you can see how our minds will naturally go to a Scarcity Mindset. Ultimately, this Mindset is holding you back in your business. I am not suggesting that we become the gambler and high-risk taker.

It is an adjustment to hack your mind into developing a Successful Abundance mindset in your business.

How do we change this?

Look at how your mind has been already processed without your conscious awareness. Realising

Thinking leads to feeling

Feeling leads to emotions

Emotions lead to actions

Actions leads to Outcome

This happens in the blink of an eye, how to change this?

Tim Ferris has a great article on his blog talking about Mind Control: The 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment


Reading this article will change your perspective on how to look at your thinking about the complaints.

The same process needs to be done with you and your mindset around your business.

If you can change it at the core, which is the thinking, then the rest will flow and you will achieve your outcome.



Abundance Action Steps

  • 1
    How do you think about your business Scarcity or Abundance? Be specific
  • 2
    If Scarce, make one simple change, put measurements in place to your current business, so you can measure any changes. (You have to think whether your mindset is changing or not )
  • 3
    Spending your quality time on growing your business to the next stages with a clear mind and focused on Abundance.
  • 4
    Review weekly and monthly the measurements so you don’t slip back to a scarcity mindset.