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What’s the connection, life long friends & your knowledge?

Life long friends in business and what has knowledge got to do with it

You connect with people through interactions. As you think your brain makes the connection through your knowledge and experience.

Your connections can lead you to meeting amazing people that become lifelong friends. Your connections are also leading you to your knowledge that will sustain you in your future success

Your knowledge connections could be as simple as, how you can say specific words to a person make them feel better or do a small (what you consider) insignificant task for people and it opens a whole new world to another person.

When it comes to knowledge connections you don’t know which ones will be the ones that will be successful. Just like you are unsure which friendships will endure the test of time and which ones will shine bright and fade out.

You have another problem that occurs here too…

Unlike friends' knowledge has this other strange factor that happens and it's called the “Curse of Knowledge” meaning once you gain knowledge into something that knowledge is distilled down into “well everyday must know that if I know it”. Just think about some of your studies or the knowledge you have gained in your field of expertise and think about the people around you and whether they know it in the same detail as you? The answer is most likely not.

Back to finding your lifelong friend in the area of knowledge that will support you to gain the financial success!!

Once you gain this financial success, you won't have to do things you have not wanted in the past. You will do things you want to do and have all the time in the world to pursue them.

What are the steps to find them?

Ask yourself these questions;

  • 1
    What skills do you have, what have you built up over time?
  • 2
    Which people want those skills and in what way could they use those skills in a product or service to improve their life?
  • 3
    Are there enough people looking for that specific product or service that you could change their lives?
  • 4
    Do you know what is the emotional trigger they are looking for?

Answer these questions and you will be able to make the connection between your knowledge and people wanting your knowledge and finding your life long friend in your knowledge.