Have You Tried Everything? - Focus Your Thinking

Have You Tried Everything?

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The term everything, most of the time does not mean, absolutely every single thing...

Sometimes this feels like your exact situation and you don’t want someone saying to you “Have you tried everything?” You just want that relief and peace of mind of saying it out loud, that you are running out of options and you can’t think of any other way to fix it.

There you have said it, and it feels good to LET IT OUT.

This is a good sign if you are getting to the point that, you have tried everything within your current capabilities and experience. You are just about to move to a new level and need to seek out somebody to help you get to that next level. They will bring a new insight, a different strategy is needed.

If you are like most people striving for growth, then you are extremely independent and have succeeded before because of that fact. You would have already set out to prove you can do it or that your ideas were right.

This type of thinking is great for that initial starting to grow personally up to a certain level of success. If you have no experience at that next level then how do you get there alone.


It's time to stop and revise your vision, this will give you insights into what is the next move. When was the last time you looked at or thought about your vision? If it takes you a few minutes to even think about this then it’s too long.

What can also be stopping you without realising is the mental blocks or how you perceive certain aspects of your growth.

You were able to grow quickly, then reached a slowing growth, then came to an almost standstill.

You have changed and your perspective has changed, so the vision needs to change also.

The same way you got to this level in your growth, will not be the same way that you reach the next level. This can take time to get this breakthrough.

The way to improve or change this behaviour quickly is to have some coaching to change your perspective. I offer different coaching  programs to help in this way. Click below to find out.