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We Are What We Do Repeatedly

We are what we do repeatedly

We may talk about how we want to be in the future and it seems like it is changing who we are.

What we are not seeing is the difference between talk and action, as Aristotle said in the above phrase “we are what we do repeatedly.”

If we  change, it is because of our behavior, not what we talk about.

The change happens once you change what you are doing.

We have habits and routines for everything we do, we don’t even realise how deeply these are woven into our workday and personal interactions.

It is not until we are asked why we do something outside our awareness, that we start to even realise we do something a particular way.

I get this so often when talking to clients that when they reply with “I don’t know” it is a definite indicator that they have something so deeply entrenched in the subconscious that they are not consciously aware that it is happening.

This to me is such a positive thing!!


Now if these habits are so powerful in our current environment, then I would suggest that they can be the most effective way to modify what we want to be in the future.

Most people are trying to change who we want to be.

That's the hard way instead of using the powerful force that is already available to us.

This is going to sound odd.

 “It’s hard to change the easiest things in our daily life to become the person we really want to be”

IF this the case with you or are you going to realise now.

You change your core behaviours, this will make the biggest difference in your life, both for your business and personal life.

We are what we do and we are doing more than we realise, it's realising that we can do more to make the change we need.