How to Stop Your Business from Failing - Focus Your Thinking

How to Stop Your Business from Failing

stop your business from failing

Are you preparing yourself to fail in your business? Would you like to know how to stop your business from failing?

It’s great that you are willing to take into consideration the points that needs improving in your business

That’s what most people do, that’s not what most successful people do, and they look at what is working and focus on those points and do more of that.

Yes and I can hear you saying, “That’s what I do and it’s still not working.”

Let me dig under the covers and probably think you are doing that and from your perspective now that is true, but your mindset is still thinking what if that fails, what am I going to lose, what is at risk if I take those steps.

Let’s take one ultra success businessperson:

Elon Musk, who this year was named Fortune Magazines Top Business Person of 2013


He didn’t have an easy road to this success. Actually, in 2008 he was staring down the barrel at Bankruptcy of both his now successful businesses Space X and Tesla.

If the funding he needed didn’t come through him might have battled to stop these two businesses from failing. His mindset was I know what I want to happen and I will go to the edge because it’s either going to work or I didn’t want it to. (He could 

put all his money into one project and maybe survive or split his funds and trust himself. He split the funds and the rest is history). 

Now you don’t have to be so grandeur in your dreams. The point is that we want the success of very successful business people, but are not willing to live in their, shoe's that they have created for their businesses to be that successful.


Seth Godin

"Is good enough to win? To change the game?
To reinvent your organization and your career?
In a crowded market, when all the competition is good enough, not much happens."

To be able to think this way you need to have a mindset that will deliver this too!!

A mindset that focuses on what you are doing wrong and fix it is going to give you a standard business and you will fight with every other business that is doing that.

How can I change my mindset of a successful one to stop my business from failing?

Step 1

Successful Mindset focuses on what can be. Having a dream, a vision to focus towards.

If you are looking in the rear vision mirror on the mistakes, then that is where your focus is. Sure, you are making mistakes, dwelling on them is a mistake too. So what was right about your decision or the action you took and how can you better them the next decision or action you take?


Step 2

Successful Mindset has a list of action items, which gives them this focus.

Get used to starting the day with a list of actions you must take. This list must be limited to 5 things as we can only focus on 5 things or we get lost and distracted. The list needs to be specific items so it focuses your energy.


Step 3

Successful Mindset Executes Every Day.

Talking about it allows you to form the action items. Unless you execute and actually take action on them every day you will not get there. You will be still talking about what you want to deliver in your business.


The decision is yours to make whether you continue with the mindset that you have had in your business now or you stop and replace it with a new mindset.