Emotional First Aid - Focus Your Thinking

Emotional First Aid


If there was a way to start the healing process from an emotional wound earlier would you take it?

Emotional First Aid

It is just astounding that I am only discovering this TED Talk now when it was posted in 2014 TED Talk Guy Winch  you can tell is someone that gets it. How to you affect change quicker.

Talking through 4 main Psychological Wounds;

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Reversing these effects and putting in place emotional hygiene to Psychological and emotional wounds.

  • Changing your responses to failure
  • Protecting your self esteem
  • Battling negative thinking

Build Emotional Resilience and you will thrive

Wouldn't you want to know the way he has been able to simply change his habits and millions of other peoples habits by following his simple steps for each of these emotional wounds, applying first aid. He takes the principles of focusing your thinking and implements them emotionally. Emotional first aid.

The same way you would put a bandage on a bleeding wound to help it heal much quicker he has created the same for us emotionally.

Thank you Guy truly inspirational!! Please go listen and watch this great TED Talk Guy