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Emotional First Aid

If there was a way to start the healing process from an emotional wound earlier would you take it?​Emotional First AidIt is just astounding that I am only discovering this TED Talk now when it was posted in 2014 TED Talk Guy Winch  you can tell is someone that gets it. How to you affect […]

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Changing a Bad Habit

Most people use “Brute Force” to change something!!They want instant gratification, I want it now. They are prepared to wait for a long term change.Realise there is a short cut you can take and also have long term effects…Take One Scenario: “I have a bad habit of interrupting people when they are speaking”You try repeating to […]

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Lonely Man

Have You Tried Everything?

The term everything, most of the time does not mean, absolutely every single thing… Sometimes this feels like your exact situation and you don’t want someone saying to you “Have you tried everything?” You just want that relief and peace of mind of saying it out loud, that you are running out of options and you can’t […]

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