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Are we there yet

Are We There Yet?

 Yes, this is a flashback to being that impatient kid asking your parents how long the trip will take, as it seemed to be taking forever. Didn’t matter how much they tried to explain that you couldn’t just magically fly over the traffic it didn’t make sense I just want to be there now. This can […]

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What Do You Focus On?

 Focusing on the best thing to do right now is great if you are not able to focus at all. Focusing on a plan for the week is better than focusing on the now all the time. Focusing on your next 6 months starts to set your thinking in a better direction, than week to week. Focusing on […]

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Isn’t It Just Common Sense To Do That?

If we are referring to life situations, YES if we are referring to business specific, NO A common habit that business owners fall into is the thinking that what they know is common sense. As the owner of your business, there is this part of you that says: “I did this with my knowledge and experience, that’s why […]

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How Hard Do You Practice?

​ It’s great to see sports people at the top of their game succeeding. In my case I love watching, Cycling and seeing a rider win race is exciting. What you don’t see when they win is all the training and practice they do to get that way. And there are hours and hours of practice in […]

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