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People Can Only Do The Best They Can Do!

People can only do the best they can do with the resources they have.If you want to move things off your to do list and get your people to do more, you need to consider this… You are so busy getting things done, you don’t notice that you have increased your knowledge and moved significantly forward […]

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Are You Addicted To Taking Actions?

As soon as you start getting some success with taking action.You start to act like you are eating chocolate and want more and more.It can become addictive to satisfy your emotional needs.The question to ask is “Will taking action satisfy your business needs?”You have to first ask this question before you can wake up from […]

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mind barrier

Do You Have A Mindset Barrier?

Just like a sound barrier we have a barrier that we put on ourselves for how far we think we can go to achieve something.You don’t know exactly what it is but still you stop when trying to break the barrier. It starts to feel uncomfortable and you become possessed on doing something else as […]

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Dealing With Overwhelm

When the waves of overwhelm wash over you, it’s natural to feel powerless and lose your sense of direction. You lose sight of what you need to do next and how to get yourself to do it.Allow me to show you a unique approach to dealing with your overwhelm.Let’s look at the traditional approach to deal […]

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Where to from here

Where To From Here?

Have you reached your goals already and happy where you are or are you still planning to do more?​ When posed with this question you will probably say you are still reaching, but is that what you’re thinking and what your actions are saying… Probably not. If something is hard to do, doesn’t mean you are not […]

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