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mind control

Your mind controls your outcomes

 “People are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” – Franklin RooseveltIf you are trapped in your own mind, then how do you get out of thinking the same way over and over?You need to first do something different. Once you do something different then you can do something else different. […]

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When you are overthinking it

When You are Over Thinking it?

When have you ever made a good decision or taken the right action by over thinking something?The decisions that you got the best result with just happened.We tell ourselves stories, trying to justify our actions when they came from feelings, with no thinking whatsoever. The story is a rationalisation because surely there must have been […]

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Finding Clarity

Are you seeking the answers to grow your business? Finding “Clarity” might be the answer you are looking for The answer usually lies in understanding one or two parts of your business not doing what you originally thought they would do, this could be called finding clarity in your business. The natural path is you try again and […]

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