Making the Same Mistakes - Focus Your Thinking

Making the Same Mistakes


Do you keep blaming yourself for making the same mistakes?

What if I was to say that it’s not your fault?

But I am doing it, so how can it not be my fault? I am going to say that it is “Consciously” not your fault. You have a habit that you do on autopilot that allows you to keep making the same mistakes.

Quick explanation what I mean by not consciously before we go on.

Everybody has heard of conscious and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is you being aware of what is happening, the subconscious mind is you unaware.

Conscious vs SubconsciousMind

Breathing for instance. When we breathe, we do this subconsciously the majority of the times; it would be hard to maintain this by having conscious thoughts. If we want to change the pattern, we do this consciously. We can set a new way or habit to breathe deeper into the abdominal area, then we set up a new pattern of breathing this way subconsciously from now on. We don’t even notice it has changed after we have done it because it's now subconscious.

I am going to suggest that we do the same thing for situations that come up in our lives. Some of these experiences are so life changing or strong that they become a Fear and we don’t want them to happen ever again. The same as your breathing, we recognise what caused these emotions and identify the scenario. Then we put in place a way to avoid those emotions ever again, set and forget it so we do it Subconsciously.

For example: say we got rejected when we spoke to a potential client about our business. We were confident about our services, but this potential client didn’t get our explanation and was expressing there misunderstanding instead of rejecting our services. But that experience for you was so painful that now you set in place to never be so confident or over confident because potential clients will reject you.

Now every time we approach potential clients, we act timid. We are not sure why exactly as we know this is not the best way to act in front of potential clients. Even if we are told directly how to act differently, we still act this way because we have forgotten the reason we started to act this way. It is hidden deep in our subconscious to act this way to avoid the potential pain if we act confident.

Going back full circle. Now we can start to understand if we have a deep Subconscious habit and that causes you to make a mistake, why we would keep making the same mistake.

The way to improve or change this behaviour is to have some work done on the original cause and set in a new improved habit. I offer Mindset Coaching Programs  to help in this way. Below are 3 ways I have helped my clients.

  • 1
    Mental Refresh for Business Change – When you are making changes to your business and keep going through old tired routines. I go through a proven formula to speed up the process of change to the new focus mentally.
  • 2
    Transforming Stuck and Unmotivated mental habits – When your perspective can't see another way. There are fast and proven ways to change your perspective on each and every issue that causes you to be stuck in that slump. Show you how to trigger your inner motivational drive so you can be motivated all the time.
  • 3
    Business Direction, Changing your mental patterns – When your business is focused in one direction and now that has changed you will have old subconscious habits that are holding you back. Clean them out completely and move on the path of your new vision.
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