Why don’t we realise we need to get help? - Focus Your Thinking

Why don’t we realise we need to get help?

I Need Your Help

You don’t  realise You Need Help.

The thing about, help is until we get help and it solves our problems, we don’t even realise we need it.

It was the right thing to do, but up until that point we are struggling and don’t even realise.

Looking back on the endurance type events I have done over the last 10 years. One of the major lessons I learnt very quickly was that if you get to the point of being thirsty when training or in a race, then you have gone too far and you are dehydrated. Now in retrospect, you say, of course, but do you think you do it?

You need to be drinking consistently to remain hydrated. Now, once you have experienced it, then you know the signs and become consistent.

Are we doing the exact same thing for our businesses?

If we get to the point of realising we need help, are we at the same point as being dehydrated?

This is a conundrum that happens TO business owners.

Is my business growing the way I want it to?

Do I have the best direction that I need in my business to lead it to reach my vision of what I want?

Am I motivated in my business or am I stuck and don’t realise?

Am I being the best person I can be for the sake of everyone that is counting on me to drive this business forward?


How do you know?

3 Steps to Be Aware

1. Let's start with if you are comfortable.

If you are not growing and pushing your limits, then that is an indicator that you may not even realise you need help. If you are at this stage in your business, stop and take the challenge to change something in your business, because if you are comfortable, then somebody else is pushing harder than you stretching themselves to be better. You will reach the point where you will not have the answers to push yourself further and that’s when you need help.

2. Push Youself to read and educate Yourself.

Great then you are already starting to challenge yourself. What do you read next that will stimulate your mind to discover a better path for your business to take? Are you speaking to other business owners that are at the same stage of you or ones that are ahead of you and been there? You will need to push that edge a little further till you feel like you don’t understand what people are talking about. That is the point that you are going to learn something.

3. You are doing everything above and YOU can do this Yourself.

You're probably in control of your business and you know best. Now what you know, is it really the best solution for your business? In most cases, yes it is, but could you get there quicker? The right help in the specific area’s that you need it will get you there much quicker. This saves you time and money, seek out people that are further ahead of you or a coach to get you there quicker.

Can you answer the question honestly now for your business do you need to get help?