Managing with Purpose - Focus Your Thinking

Managing with Purpose

Manage with Purpose

In your business do you want to be managing with purpose or settle with just running a business?

I suppose there are people that just want to run a business, if you are one of those people stop reading now and get back to running your business.

For the ones that choose to run your business with Purpose;

What Is Your Purpose?

Is your current business in line with what your purpose is?

What do you need to change for your business to align your purpose?

When you Start a Business...

The results are very important because if the business is not achieving results, then it is not going to be running for long. The best results come from focusing on your purpose.

Many business owners get this part, the wrong way around, let me get the results, be financially secure and then I can change to what I am passionate about. Your purpose is going to drive you in the low moments when you really have to dig deep to find something to keep going. If you are passionate about your purpose and what you what to achieve for the people, then your purpose will kick in and you are motivated again.


You started a business for a specific reason:

  • check
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    Not having to report anyone
  • check
    Make a fortune and travel the world

Rarely do we look at how far we have come against those reasons...

Business hits a tough period

What happens if the business financials, start to drop consistently? Your purpose becomes a lower priority, the focus changes to results and financial, how can you make more money to get back to where you were or just to survive.

Unfortunately, this occurs more often than not for extended periods of time. This solves one problem (money) to create another problem you have a business that is not aligned with your purpose.

Manage Your Plan

A better way is not to switch (or what is called in the Startup term pivot) to Financials; it’s reviewing what was the plan and why it is not working. Either adjusting your plan so it’s more financially sound or change to another plan that corresponds with your purpose and is financially sound.

Get Help

Getting back to basics is the best answer. If you didn’t have the basics set in place to start with then quickly get yourself up to speed with what you need to learn. Speak to a trusted coach or mentor that can help you through this period and then work the plan.

If you have the basics in place and it is still not working, then you have to look to what knowledge you don’t have in your business? Find how to learn that the knowledge or get a person that can show you that. Hire a skilled person or get professional advice. The quicker you can understand and can get a person with knowledge to solve the issue. The quicker your business will reach its purpose.

Your Business Is Your Personal Growth

Your business is a reflection of you, there is no way to escape the fact that your drive your passion will help drive the business further. Make sure your personal growth and the business growth are aligned.