Getting Your People To Be Effective - Focus Your Thinking

Getting Your People To Be Effective


In business this is the biggest issue Owners have. You are great at doing, getting other people to do is another story!!

Here are 2 strategies I have seen Business Owners take.

One strategy is to explain in detail, so they do everything exactly like you and be very insistent on doing it your way.

Second strategy is to describe the task and get the person to understand the WHY to do the task, then to understand the WHAT needs to be done. Once this is understood get them to perform the task seeing how much they understood, give them feedback and get feedback from them, repeat till the task is understood.

Strategy one is micro managing, thinking they will understand the task, the strategy focuses on your words will be understood.

Strategy two is handed the task over to the person and keeping the strategy behind the task for you to direct the person. Give them steps so they understand how to complete the task.

In the rush to get stuff handed over and doing, you accept strategy ONE. Unfortunately, most people you pass your knowledge onto do not have an understanding of YOUR WHY. It becomes a strategy of HOPE they get it and I get away with this quickly. The SECOND strategy really needs to be refined and modified to your nature. When you are successful in business, you will need a constant stream of people to help you. Figuring this skill out early is the SMART play.

Practice the SECOND STRATEGY and make it your own. How you get your people to understand YOUR WHY is critical. Then getting them to practice the task till they can do it like you is the next step to being effective.