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Do your Clients Care Enough to Listen?

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Is Anybody Listening?

We usually ask the question “is anybody listening?” when faced with people not responding to what we are saying to get their attention.

This can also happen when we stop talking long enough about ourselves to actually listen to someone else or hear from someone else’s perspective.

Or asked differently, are the right people listening to you?

By right, I mean the people that you want to communicate with true customers of your product or service.

You see if the people that are not listening are not true customers then that is a good indication.

On the flip side, if the people that you want to listen are not listening you have a problem of communicating your message.

We spend so much time on how to attract people and clients to our business, but not enough time on exactly who would be the ideal person.

Sure, we rationalise that if we can get more people to our website, Facebook Fanpage or other social pages, then we will find someone to become a customer. Thus decreasing the conversion rates by having more people into the funnel instead of the other way around of being more specific about whom you want to attract.

If you want more people that are not going to listen to you then keep spreading that message to more people and in effect wasting a lot of your energy people that will not listen to you no matter how hard you try.


Want to get people to listen to you?

Be more specific!!

That’s right, in this big wide world who is out there being more specific to who is a potential client. That doesn’t mean ok, I am going to go after only “women”. That is not being specific, if you have say a coaching business and you coach business owners. Not every business owner is going to be a client, what is it that you do to solve their problems that you can actually make a difference to their business.

  • Do you help motivate them?
  • Do you save time with systems for them?
  • Do you know how to get them thinking more strategic focusing on important parts of their business?

You get the point, what is your business, service or product solving for them? And get specific, we think of being broad that potential customers will see our services and want to buy our products or service.

It actually works the other way around. They are looking for something specific and when they read about you being an expert in a certain field they want to come to you because you are an expert and maybe you can solve my problem because you are an expert.

Action steps

Stop now and think about and write the following

  1. Who are my ideal customers?
  2. What does my business, product or service solve?
  3. Create a value proposition for the ideal customer about your service.
  4. The final step is testing it on a person that is an ideal customer and are they now listening to what you have to say?
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