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Why am I stuck in life being me?


I am stuck

Many people that I speak to don’t know who they really are to start with and ask “Why am I stuck in life being me”

What I mean is “do they really know the strength of using who they are to their advantage.”

People are so busy wanting to be someone else they don’t notice who they are

The majority of the time, the people that stand out and are successful have not copied someone else’s formula and have realised their dreams and live happily ever after.

No their success comes from delving deep inside and discovering what it is that they are passionate about and they have cultivated that passion combined with their own personality, communication skills and motivational drives to create a successful formula that is suited to themselves.

Are not our behaviour that we display a result of what we have learned, practiced and been rewarded for over the time we have been alive.

Whether you believe in learned behaviour or inherited behaviour. We have these behaviours and beliefs that are hidden sub-consciously that we always seem to come back to. They show up at the best of times and the worst of times.

We either resist the fact they are there and keep them in the shadows (Carl Jung Shadow) or we use these to our advantage and enhance our lives.

one does not become enlightened

I could go into a deeper explanation of this, but for this article I want to question your resistance to being who you are. You have certain strengths and experiences that no other person has.

This is what makes you so unique that will be make you stand out and be successful.

One example of a man that came from a not so great background turned it around using his strengths Dan Martell and here is his story is well worth a read – Dan Martell Story

It is what it is!!

Find the strength to look within and see yourself for who you are and what strengths you already have. If you don’t do it the Steve Jobs way, who cares do it your way.

Take the time to really understand yourself and be a better version of you.