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You feel your Motivation is lacking?

What is your Motivation?, isn't it the feeling that you can keep doing things, performing at a certain level. Sometimes it may even be doing things at any level, you lack the motivation to be able to the things you want.

You look around and see other people doing the things that you want to do and you judge yourself, because you are unable to do it at their level of energy or small amount of time they do. Comparing yourself to others is not the best way to assess your motivation.

The one thing you have left out of the equation, is how long it took the other person to be able to do that specific thing you want to do?

In my experience the answer to that question is they didn't get there instantly. They didn't decide last week, I want to be good at that and then a week later, they were excellent and fully motivated to do that for the rest of their lives.

Therein lies the first issue. To be good at anything it takes time and practice. Some things and I will say it again, some things, you are able to become good at certain things, because your current skills transfer to those new skills and you adapt to them quicker than others. This doesn't mean if it is taking a longer length of time, that you are not going to be better in the long run. It just means you are coming at this new skill from further back than you realised, You need more practice to become good at and it.

And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high. 

Ayrton Senna

Formula One Champion

Once you start to change your Mindset to this way of thinking, then being motivated is not predicated on luck or chance, it is making a decision, getting feedback and reviewing how long this will take for you to grow into being that way.

To me that is very motivating, I get to decide on my future and then see if it is worth my energy to practice more or decide that is going to take too long in my plan, so I will focus on another skill.

Once you have worked on your Mindset for your Motivation, next is how to Spark Your Motivation?

There are 3 main ways all people Spark Motivation. One of these will feel more comfortable to you and is the area you need to focus on for your Spark.

1. Achievement of a task, getting things done as a sign of accomplishment. You just feel more motivated, when you can tick it off and you have completed something. If you are Achievement person, complete a task that has been outstanding. It will spark you.

2. Being more Organised and being in Control of what needs to be done. Having a sense of knowing what needs to be done helps you to feel motivated. If you are Organised person, organise yourself so you feel in control. It will spark you.

3. Connecting with people, helping them see their potential and introducing them to more people so they grow in life. A sense of, I was able to introduce people to other people, even the concepts you introduced to them that made them better is very motivating. If you are Connecting person, Connect with either friends or meet new people. It will spark you.

Realising your spark is crucial, even if you have the right Mindset, you need to be constantly looking for the Spark that feels right to you.

If this has helped you, then I am very grateful to be of help to you. If you are still a little confused or don't quite yet have the motivation you need. Then maybe a one off call could help you get a better understanding.

See below for setting up a call.

My work with Glen has been be pivotal in the transformation of my business and myself over the last two years. His intuitive ability to see beyond the presenting issues to the real cause of the struggle, enables him to guide his clients through the layers of blockages that are creating stagnation either in business or personally. Glen allows his clients to find their own way there, and while this can be frustrating at times, especially when you really just want someone else to ‘fix it’ or solve the problem, it is a testament to his understanding of the human condition and the psychology of effective and sustained growth. I value Glen’s insight, support, guidance and endless patience as I navigate the evolution of my business in expressing myself in the world in my truth.

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