Resistance to change is staying the same isn’t it? - Focus Your Thinking

Resistance to change is staying the same isn’t it?


It is resistance to change or is it not staying the same?

If we resist change, then that means we are STUCK in some way.

Either you are changing all the time or everything around you will change. It’s your choice?

I imagine that if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like change it because you have found what you are doing feels comfortable to do and you have got into a routine and habit of doing that particular thing you do.

YES that is satisfying to find that nice place to be, I have finally found “it”, the routine that is going to work forever. Sorry, but nothing last forever, what does last forever is the feeling you get from reaching that place of comfort and that can be achieved, reached and be a constant in your life.

Why not look at change differently and say it differently to get a better result?

A better statement or question is “Why am I being resistant to staying the same?

This brings up more questions that will get you to where you need to be like.

“How long have you been like I am?”

Noticing how long you have done the same thing starts to really show how long it's been since you changed instead of digging your heels in and saying “I don’t want to change.

Not wanting to change is staying the same isn’t it?

When you first started your business, you had the skills and the  knowledge, that'​​​​s what kick started your business. You soon come to the realization that to turn your business into a success you had to grow and learn more skills about your business specifically. You got excited to learn and change who you are adding these skills to the person you had become. Change was happening and you had a desire to change because you could see the value in it.

Now one of two things happened:

  • 1
    You over stretched this learning and made a mistake and said "let me stay where I am and slowly progress" (Which means no change for a while) or
  • 2
    You found something that worked and settled at this stage, put another way You found the right formula and said I will stay here.”

There is nothing wrong with either of these scenarios actually they are perfectly fine. The only problem is they are time in your life,  instead of being forever that time. Change is constant and will happen whether you like it or not.

It's better to have an understanding that change is happening and how can you adapt. Two great minds say it better than me

change species

How can you help yourself?


  • 1
    Notice the routines and habits that you have done the same for a long time.
  • 2
    Are those routines and habits serving your business the best they can be?
  • 3
    What would be a better way in the future for those routines to improve?
  • 4
    Make changes every day to update and improve your routines and habits. What is the best way to do them now?