NEW HABIT – PROGRAM - Focus Your Thinking



$19.00 USD

Your “New Habit” Program is a starter program for changing habits quickly.


The goal is to replace your old habit, with new and effective ways that leads to more personal growth.


You will be sent a detailed questionnaire first that will examine specifically how you want to grow personally. This will give you amazing insights into how you have grown personally thus far and where specifically the best place to grow in the future for you to be getting what you want in life.


You will be entering a journal (Input) how you have accomplished each day with the focus on the habit. Feedback will be provided by Glen each day from your input in time for the next days focus on the habit.


It is surprising with focus how quickly you are able to change the habit.


This is a starter program, because what will be included is 7 days of focusing with daily inputs into the Daily Focus App. Giving you a taste of how effective Daily Input can be. The next level up is a month of Daily Inputs and 4 Habits worked on.


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What's Inside The Program

FTY Questionnaire Icon

Personal Growth Questionnaire that will help you identify specific areas of growth.

FYT Report

Full Report from the Questionnaire to keep as the benchmark for improvement.

FYT App icon

Access to an On-line App to journal your habits and thoughts every day. You will have the ability to enter these either on your computer or mobile device. Check past inputs on the go to make better decisions for the moment.

Feedback Icon

Daily feedback from and experienced coach that can give you guidance and direction, while holding you accountable to make the changes to your habits.

FYT Completion Report icon

Program completion report. Providing all your Inputs and Feedback into a PDF report to take with you and look over. Plus an end of Program review giving you a summary and tips for further progress