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Mindset is the Real Answer to improve your life, at work and at home.

Your Personal Growth is about you, have you ever asked yourself the question "What Do I Want?"

For most people this seems like being selfish, until you realise that to take care of yourself, then you truly are unable to give more of yourself to others.

You get caught in the trap of Black & White World. I am either going to only focus on me, or I take care of the people around me. What if I was to say to you, taking better care of Your Personal Growth is the answer to both problems you face.

So now I come back to the question with a better perspective "What Do I Want?"

Growth needs a starting point, meaning you don't have it yet and then an endpoint or an accomplishment point you get to, now you have something you desired. The desire can be a physical object, a destination you reach whether it be moving house to a better location or as simple as a feeling you have never felt before for instance "Freedom".

This is about YOU so you get to choose. 

One more thing before you choose, lets think about the operating system of your Mind, Your Mindset. You choose one of these options above because it will have an effect on Your Mindset forever. So think how with Your Mindset change by focusing on these options, that is where the real growth lies.

Each and every one of these options can cause a shift in your mindset if you choose for the right reasons, each and every one can lead you down a path of false hope and empty dreams too. This is starting to sound like Chess, when you first learn the rules it is easy to make moves because you know what the pieces can do to move, then you figure out just because I can move them doesn't mean I know why I move them to certain position.

Yes, it is like chess, choose wisely. Why do you want it?

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying to procrastinate till you have the definitive answer. I am saying that the results will not happen straight away. You will need to start down a certain path and see if this is what you wanted. If YES that is Amazing and very grateful for your energy you have put into accomplishing it. If NO that is great too as you have more information to make better decisions to get the results you want.

Coming back to the lesson to be learnt is that is Your Personal Growth. What makes you feel better about yourself. Sometimes this will take time to completely understand the reasons and actions that you take make you grow. This is a journey worth taking because it will give you the ability to make better decisions about your personal growth.

If this has helped you, then I am very grateful to be of help to you. If you are still a little confused or don't quite yet have the direction you need. Then maybe a one off call could help you get a better understanding.

See below for setting up a call.

My work with Glen has been be pivotal in the transformation of my business and myself over the last two years. His intuitive ability to see beyond the presenting issues to the real cause of the struggle, enables him to guide his clients through the layers of blockages that are creating stagnation either in business or personally. Glen allows his clients to find their own way there, and while this can be frustrating at times, especially when you really just want someone else to ‘fix it’ or solve the problem, it is a testament to his understanding of the human condition and the psychology of effective and sustained growth. I value Glen’s insight, support, guidance and endless patience as I navigate the evolution of my business in expressing myself in the world in my truth.

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