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How you tell your story can determine outcomes


Whether it’s a good story or a bad, how you tell your story can make a big difference

You piece the stories together from the memories that you have or what you have created and chosen to remember.

It is your TRUTH only as everyone has a version of the TRUTH!!

It reminds me of a story I heard from Richard Bandler, one of the creators of NLP when he was talking about the interviews he had with Prisoner of War Camp in the Second World War.

Bandler said “One man recalled the horrors he went through and detailing it in specific bright colours all the specifics of what had happened to him, as he had told this story he was still living that horror.

The memory of how bad it made his life...

Another man who was right alongside him in the same camp was saying it was bad for people and gave little detail of how bad it was, instead he spent most of the time focused on how he was after the camp and how he had used that experience to enrich peoples lives. He took that experience and lived the rest of his life, finding how he could be even better for the experience.

He had used that experience to enrich peoples lives

Sometimes we don’t get to choose the experience that happens to us, that’s unfortunate. What we do get to choose is how that experience is going to help us in the future as one of the pieces in a puzzle that is unfolding to live a full and rich life.

As a result how you tell your story to yourself can result in totally different outcomes.

This is crucial to being happy in your business because you are going to come up against obstacles all the time.

If you already have default ways on how you are going to deal with them, you will go into that mode of thinking and not get put off your path. If you are wishing and hoping that none of them will come your way, then chances are you will not be prepared and they will hit you hard.

So isn’t it how you tell your story to yourself?

After all, I am sure you are not the type of person that plays bad stories all the time and endures the pain of watching them over and over till they leave an imprint of your brain.

Now that doesn’t sound like the person you want to be!!

Embellish your stories to be rich, warm and happy themes starting now, where you are the powerful person that came up against roadblocks and found the easiest ways to get around them with a strong sense of purpose. You started to define better what you wanted and how you lived your life, because that made you feel good and that is the story you now tell yourself.

Stories are your experience; select them with your future in mind and tell your story wisely.

Tell yourself better stories