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Group Mindset Retreat

What you will get from Group Mindset?

There is something special about a group of people coming together. It brings a special energy to coaching sessions. The collective GroupThink that happens when one person shares their frustrations and dreams and everybody adds to that collective thought to progress faster.

Careful selection of the people in the group is crucial to the success of each retreat, enabling individuals to benefit from a shared experience. Progress and growth happen rapidly with the momentum of the group behind you with all their energy and enthusiasm.

You will connect with a group of people like you never before. They will become your cheerleaders to achieve your outcomes from the retreat and usually end up being your accountability partners. You will come away from your time together refreshed and rejuvenated to take your personal growth to the next level.

There is Something Special About Bringing a Group of People Together

The energy when you have the right group of people together, making it an experience that will be remembered forever.

The power of the Group is significant, if you have not experience the collaboration of a group on Mindset then you are in for a huge surprise. You will feel like people are thinking exactly how you are and in some cases help you move to the next level of thinking quicker as the interactions move to “What You Really Want”.

Its liberating to realise people are feeling and thinking the same as you. It doesn’t feel as daunting to make the leap of faith. Making the experience life changing is Your Mindset will be permanently change “Ready for Growth.”

Key Benefits

The right mindset program will change your life, taking action will move you forward.

  • Gain Clarity of Your Focus:

Become crystal clear on what are your specific outcomes you want for your Personal Growth.

  • Develop Yourself for Changes in your Focus:

Change is a constant in life, find out for personal growth, what are the right tools or mindset to transition this change.

  • Master how to express your true character:

Being the best version of who you are is important to your personal growth. Constant inspection and refinement leads to amazing results.

  • Identify the Ingredients to Ignite Your Passion:

Having that spark and motivation is what people are looking for when they want to be around you. The answers are within you they need to be released and constantly ignited.

  • Enhance Your Relationship with Your People:

People drive your personal growth, you need them to help you realise your dreams. Focusing on better relationships gets you there faster.

Why I am the right person to coach you 1

"My passion for helping clients to grow personally and reach your full potential, it is what drives me in life. I have spent 30 years of my life on this one mission, whether its in a corporate environment or working in small businesses. The underlying reason I coach, is to help Clients Get What They Want in all aspects of their lives. I have been constantly learning to help serve my clients better."

Glen Morris

What are the Levels of Results You Get?

In Personal Growth you are constantly progressing through stages, understanding them helps you progress faster.

Three levels of programs results


Awareness of issues with your current mindset immediately, change immediately, more opportunities in your life.

Completely different perspective on the thing holding you back with quick change to unlock your personal potential.

An experience that will be the foundation of personal growth and mindset for the rest of your life.

Three levels of programs client perspective results

Automatically have the right mindset happen naturally, instead of having to think about it.

The ability to Spark Your Motivation and spring into action when you need to modify of update your mindset.

Execute on Your Ideas, direct your thoughts to the right area to be able to capitalise on great Idea's you create.

Why I am the right person to do this?

I will go further, be more driven and constantly challenge you till you get there!!

Why I am the right person to coach you

Personal Growth has been talked about for many of years as to what people want. Taking action is how you grow personally. Taking action to change your Mindset is the whole key to Personal Growth .​​​​

I have studied more about Mindset and the links to your personal growth with the passion to discover what works. Coaching clients time and time again with the latest ways to help you get there faster. Never being happy with sticking to common practices, constantly looking for better faster ways to get your growth, so we can move you to the next level of personal growth.

My promise to you is to get to the core reason that have held you back from growing faster up till now. Get the growth you have been looking for and then unlock more potential you have ever even realised you had.

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What Clients Are Saying

Glen has developed Mindset coaching for Personal Growth to make permanent change in life to get what you want. Here is what some of his clients have to say.

I can honestly say that I have seen the difference in how I not only approach my business, but my life by doing the online program. I can pause and think, is this the right thing for me to do? I can’t recommend this program enough.


Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards Photography

Through his coaching, Glen has helped me make numerous distinctions which have had a profound impact on my business and personal life. He's a valued mentor who takes his business and those of his clients very seriously.


Tina Wilson

NOSH Coach