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Why Is Change So Hard?

Change only happens when the current system or way of doing things is not working effectively. If you are comfortable doing things, then no change is needed, it’s only when you are not happy or satisfied that change is needed. So of course it’s hard to change doing things differently because we slip back into the old […]

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Why Do We Do The Things We Do

Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

Do you know why you do certain things in your business? Or do you just do most things on autopilot, without asking why? Change is the normal state of affairs in your business. What you do is either changing for the better or for the worst. You are the type of person that is constantly improving what you […]

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How Hard Do You Practice?

​ It’s great to see sports people at the top of their game succeeding. In my case I love watching, Cycling and seeing a rider win race is exciting. What you don’t see when they win is all the training and practice they do to get that way. And there are hours and hours of practice in […]

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