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Why You Should Read Books

What if it took you an Hour of your day to have a better Understanding of the World?That is exactly what Julien Smith is proposing here in his article How to Read a Book a Week.Julien is spot on with his words.I joined a Book Club set up by my friend Tina close to a year […]

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listening to clients

Do your Clients Care Enough to Listen?

Is Anybody Listening?We usually ask the question “is anybody listening?” when faced with people not responding to what we are saying to get their attention.This can also happen when we stop talking long enough about ourselves to actually listen to someone else or hear from someone else’s perspective.Or asked differently, are the right people listening […]

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How can I improve my business

How can I improve my business?

Can You Improve Your Business?When we are a business owner the question we should ask ourselves is “how can I improve my business” and then understand whether we have the ability to pick things up quickly or we need more time to learn the skills than most.We have this inborn desire in us to want […]

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