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Each of us writes our own story in life based upon thousands of choices, unique experiences and perspectives. My own Personal Growth Story is made interesting by the journey I've taken and the people I've helped along the way.

Everyone has dreams and while many fail to realise theirs, I'm lucky enough to be living my dream life.

I'm able to do what I love to do. Everyday I get to people from all walks of life, business owners, entrepreneurs and hard working people grow personally with more ease. Over the course of helping in Personal Growth, I discovered a simple truth...

The common denominator between those who grow and those who struggle is mindset.

To help with Personal Growth and unlock your true potential, I developed the Focus  Your Thinking Mindset Tools. Using these tools, my clients upgrade how they think and how they approach the challenges in life. This subtle but powerful shift unlocks

Why I am the right person to coach you 1

Why I am the right person to coach you?

I will go further, be more driven and constantly challenge you till you get there!!

Why I am the right person to coach you

Personal Growth has been talked about for many of years as to what people want. Taking action is how you grow personally. Taking action to change your Mindset is the whole key to Personal Growth .

I have studied more about Mindset and the links to your personal growth with the passion to discover what works. Coaching clients time and time again with the latest ways to help you get there faster. Never being happy with sticking to common practices, constantly looking for better faster ways to get your growth, so we can move you to the next level of personal growth.

My promise to you is to get to the core reason that have held you back from growing faster up till now. Get the growth you have been looking for and then unlock more potential you have ever even realised you had.

What Clients Are Saying

Glen has developed Mindset coaching for Personal Growth to make permanent change in life to get what you want. Here is what some of his clients have to say.

My work with Glen has been be pivotal in the transformation of my business and myself over the last two years.

His intuitive ability to see beyond the presenting issues to the real cause of the struggle, enables him to guide his clients through the layers of blockages that are creating stagnation either in business or personally.

Glen allows his clients to find their own way there, and while this can be frustrating at times, especially when you really just want someone else to ‘fix it’ or solve the problem, it is a testament to his understanding of the human condition and the psychology of effective and sustained growth.

I value Glen’s insight, support, guidance and endless patience as I navigate the evolution of my business in expressing myself in the world in my truth.

Bernadette 100x100

Bernadette O'Connor

Emotional Energy Exchange

Well a funny thing happened on the path to better fitness.
I had heard about this fitness guy in Scottsdale, Arizona, a friend was following him and convinced me to attend a 4 day retreat. So I decided what the heck, lets go and get fit and learn about diet, nutrition, and fitness. Little did I know the real gem was this Focus Your Thinking mindset guy.

Glen truly has had a profound impact on my life. Making me think, or focusing outside of my box. The process started in Scottsdale, but it's now been 4 months past and biweekly visits on FaceTime and Glen has peeled away the layers of my mental onion. What he has given me is the power to control my life. What an incredible gift!!!!

I cannot thank Glen enough for helping me unpack my mental baggage. I think he is keenly able to help anyone, if they have the desire. Thanks so much for focusing my to give me my power.

Greg N Hogan

Personal Growth Client